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Andean World Expeditions:

We are a company that takes very seriously our responsibility to our customers, we have an obligation to make their stay in Peru unforgettable. We offer the best destinations in Peru, including: Cusco (Qosqo) that has an incredible tourist activity, we have adventure tourism, traditional, participatory, ecological. In Arequipa the White City, adventure tourism in the celebrity Colca Canyon. In the Manu Biosphere Reserve (Manu National Park) there ecotourism, with a great biodiversity.

In Peru there are many destinations such as Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Puno, Arequipa, Lima, Trujillo, the Colca Canyon, Tambopata, Huaraz, Canyon Duck. There are so many places to meet and fall in love with this beautiful land that would not be sufientes 5 or 6 days in Peru.

Our Country: Peru has a great variety ethnographic, we have all kinds of cultural events like dances, dances, festivals, painting, music, culinary arts as well as that in Cuzco - Peru developed the great culture of the Incas, Cuzco or Cuzco is the Navel of World, the Center of the Earth, our ancestors called it Qosqo, which means "Navel of the World"

Andean World Expeditions: He appreciates your interest in Peru and we are confident that their stay in Peru, will be unforgettable ...!

Major tourist destinations of Cusco

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